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October 06, 2014  •  6 Comments

Earlier this spring I had the opportunity to photograph Katie and Corey's wedding. It was really fun, but this session was so much more! I had the funnest time photographing her as she got the coolest opportunity to trash her dress and her awesome husband.
Corey was right there by her side helping!

Here's a little bit of a preview of SOME of my favorites! Enjoy! 

If you want a Trash The Dress Session of your own, e-mail me! 

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Christine Dibble Photography Photos(non-registered)
What a fun trash the dress session! These two look like they had a great time, and you captured amazing photos of them just playing. I would love to see the wedding photos too to see the "befores!"
What an awesome session, these made me smile! It looks like they had a blast. What a great concept and you did an amazing job capturing them. Love the paints. :)
I love this! I wonder if could do it... I love my dress!
What an amazing memory you created for this couple! This has got to be one of my favorite "trash the dress" ideas!
Oh my gosh! What a fun Trash the dress session! I bet the laughs were amazing!
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