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September 02, 2014  •  1 Comment

Howdy everyone!  I'm on a roll. I have the opportunity to photograph my very first birth ever! Other than my own, I've never witnessed the birth before and let me tell you it is truly an amazing experience. I'm addicted birth photography! Is has always been a passion of mine, something that I've always enjoyed looking at.

I would like to start offering it to my clients. 

But first, as we all know, practice makes perfect! So for a short time I'm offering free birthing photography to anyone who is willing to let me come sit in their area for a few hours get to know them an intimate level so I can get some more experience photographing these new little babies.

If you're interested in this please contact me now. 

I would like everyone to meet baby W. So very precious. He came into this earth very quiet, strong, healthy and several weeks early.

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"Happy Birthday"

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They are so cute! ♥♥ thank you for youre help i love that im able to have these to look at forever! Thank you fpr making this all a perfect memory!!
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