Robyn and Scott Wedding | Oregon City Wedding photographer

“The real purpose of a relationship is about two people coming together to serve the growth and evolution of each other’s soul.” Kate Blackson


Robyn + Scott

One of the blessings of being a photographer is being able to watch people grow and go through different stages in life. I have been blessed in such a way with Robyn and Scott Jancarik. We have been through Christmas, engagement, family events, and I'm happy to have captured their wedding this summer.

The location was shown on a popular HGTV show called “Luxury Tiny Home”. It was a privately owned home with a grand lake near a field full of trees in the background. You could smell the pine drifting through the dry air. The decorations were of the natural beauty  surrounding them. Their family dogs were there to celebrate with the couple. Their wedding was one to remember including the heat of July, the scenery, and the sweet flower girls; they were adorable and easy to photograph. The sunset that evening looked like it was painted in the sky just for them.

I hope I was able to give them the gift of remembrance and pride in the beautiful wedding they put together. Robyn knew who she wanted pictured and what was expected of me. I appreciate that. We filled their photos with their dogs, nieces, close friends, and family. I am looking forward to what the Jancarik’s have in store for me next!