Jackie + Travis Wedding | Silver Falls Wedding photographer.

“Once in awhile right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.” - unknown

On October twenty-fifth I traveled to Silver Falls Oregon to watch two lovers come together and unite as one. I was afraid I was not going to make the event. My family and I had gotten in a car accident two days earlier. I was still in a lot of pain and was recommended not to work, but I could not miss this wedding. The location was surrounded with natures beauty of trees towering over us covered in moss. I was excited about the many places to photograph. I always enjoy taking pictures in nature, I feel it is alluring and stunning.


first kiss as man + wife.

My first stop was the men’s bungalow, to capture them getting ready. They were taking shots and laughing to calm the nerves of the groom. The groom paced back and forth, clearly the alcohol had not set in yet. His party of men traveled from California to show their support for the two of them. There was a fun and rambunctious energy that filled the room.They were ready and eager to get their bestfriend married. They filled their time with games and drinking.

The women’s cabin was uphill from them. The bride, Mother of the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls were putting together the final touches. They helped the bride put her shoes on, fix her dress to perfection, and the flower girls were spinning around in the room showing me how pretty their dresses were. The bridal suite had a calm energy but excited. The bride was ready to marry the love of her life.

Next on the agenda was first looks, there was a small bridge were Travis anxiously waited to see his bride for the first time. He started to hear her footsteps and knew he was about to see his soon to be bride on their wedding day. When he was facing away from her he had a goofy but charged face. When he finally turned around I could tell how swooned he was with beauty. She had truly took his breath away, you see Jackie was not only marrying him she was also pregnant with their son.

The wedding was intimate and personal to their love story. There was flower girl meltdowns, and a little bit of rain but I was able to get through all of it with the support of those around me. The night was danced away with the first dance, daddy daughter dance, the brides 90 year old grandma getting down, and flower girls rocking out. I snatched one more photo of the newlyweds before I made my way home to my family. They stood together taking in all that had happened that day. The fog ascended above them they radiated in the night.

I have photographed Jackie before and I have to say the joy she carried both for her unborn son and new husband was genuine and pure. Stay tune for more of their love story coming in March 2019!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Robicheaux!

And I like to thank my amazing second and third photographers for being so amazing and stepping up when I needed the extra help! I truly love my community!